Wednesday, 22nd February, saw the Pre-Primary in an array of excitement as it was ‘Picnic Day’.Children, along with their parents and teachers assembled at 8 a.m. to journey in five buses towards a fun-filled day at Taraporewala Aquarium, Traffic Park and Hanging Gardens. After having a sumptious breakfast, parents and children sang along through the bus journey. The first stop was the Taraporewala Aquarium. Children were struck with awe as they took a look at the colourful and rare fish. Our next stop was the Traffic Park where children were given hands on experience of Road Safety rules by a Traffic Policeman. Lastly, we headed towards Hanging Gardens where a delicious lunch was served. After lunch, children played in a garden and also took a look at the Old Woman’s Shoe.

Everyone enjoyed the day. We returned to school at 4 p.m. with memories to treasure.