Bags are packed and ready to go…..

January, 30th was the most exciting day for both Parents and Children of the Andrean Child Centre as they were off to a picnic to Baccha Party, Thane. Everyone assembled at 8 am and left for an enjoyable day ahead. Enroute a sumptuous breakfast was served which got all into action as they sang and danced energetically along. The laughter and joy that was witnessed was something beyond words.

On reaching the venue, everyone scattered in the indoor playscape. It was not only children who had a great time but parents and teachers as well who couldn’t resist the luring temptation of letting loose the child in them. After a fun packed morning, it was time to relish the yummylicious food that was served. This was followed by some DJ music as everyone danced to the thumping music that was played.

All good things have to come to an end and it was time to start our homeward journey. We reached school safe and sound at 4.30 pm. The picnic was a much needed break from the regular schedule. It was a wonderful opportunity to strengthen bonds among children, parents and teachers.

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