Our Educational Aims

  • To develop a strong faith in God.
  • To develop the entire human being, mind, heart, body and soul;
  • To form as well as to inform;
  • To train the mind to analyse rather than to memorise; so that, it may distinguish the truth from error;
  • To strengthen the will that it may have the determination to practise virtue and reject vice;
  • To cultivate the heart that it may love worthwhile things;
  • To instill culture;
  • To stimulate ambition;
  • To disdain mediocrity and develop leadership;
  • To train citizens for time and eternity;
  • To maintain high academic standards;
  • To present the current and complex problems of modern life and to enable them to solve these problems along the line of trust and justice.
  • To instill into youth the neglected doctrine that morality must govern economics and politics; that modern ills cannot be cured merely by shifting economic systems and changing political structures; that selfishness, greed, dishonesty and lust for power are evils which cannot be eliminated only by civil, but by moral restraint;
  • To rivet, to the minds of youth the truth, that all hatred whether of class or creed, or of nations or civilizations is wrong; irrespective of one’s belief. The sole and ultimate solution of economic, political and social ills was epitomized by Him who said:
    “You shall love your God with your whole heart & mind;
    You shall love your neighbour as yourself.”
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