We are aware of the ‘Yeh Lo Santa’ project initiated by Rev. Fr. Magi Murzello went on to organise the ‘Care-a-Van’, a program for the children of Bal Bhavan on Sunday, January 13, 2019. The day dawned earlier than usual for the children at Bal Bhavan, who were looking forward to a fun day, while the air at St Andrew’s High School too was also equally charged with excitement.
The children along with Sr Yvette were escorted to St Andrew’s School by the Student Council. The parents of the School Helping Hands Group and the members of the Women’s Cell, St Andrew’s Church, Bandra gave the children a heartfelt welcome.

The program commenced with a sumptuous breakfast sponsored by the College Canteen followed by some foot tapping music that got them to shed their inhibitions and hit the dance floor, our newly inaugurated Turf Terrace. The children were overjoyed to meet their Friend in Fr. Magi – a surreal moment. His animated interactions resulted in real bonding as the children cheered and clapped. His humour was so infectious that smiles turned to laughter that almost brought the house down. While all he did was to only envelope them in ‘Love’, a ‘Gift’ they accepted as if they had received the world. It was an amazing sight.

With more to come, Sir Vinod kept them engaged in various games with not a minute to spare with the participation of parents and Council members. This definitely let to building their appetite for the delicious buffet laid out by Valencia Caterers. For the warmth and love shown, the children expressed their gratitude by singing a song that brought a tear to many an eye, which was a heart wrenching moment.

True to its name ‘Yeh Lo Santa’, Fr Magi elated the mood of the children when he announced a treat to a movie – Simba, for which they were overjoyed. The children were thankful for the goodies each one received in a bag, which was sponsored by Prof. Prithi Oza.

This event would not be possible without the unstinted support of the parents and the members of the Women’s Cell and it was also impressive to see the older children care for little ones right through the day. While, it was a fun and fulfilling experience for the children of Bal Bhavan, giving them memories of a lifetime, the true essence and take away of the program was to sensitize our children back home at St Andrew’s School of reaching out to the lesser fortunate in society.