Red, Blue, Green and Yellow are Primary colours. Hence it is very necessary to identify these colours. These 4 colours were introduced every month to the children of the Nursery by their teacher through a conversation with the help of flashcards, cut outs and real objects followed by a craft activity. This classroom interaction initiated a holistic development as this will futher on help the tiny tots to recall and register the Primary colours in their mind.
The first colour introduced was RED. Children were requested to come in a red attire and bring along a red toy as they are more inclined towards toys thus helping them to register the colour in their mind.
The next colour introduced was BLUE. Children came in blue outfits. An activity was jointly done by parent and child at home by making a cut out of their choice. This helped in parent child bonding too.
Next was the introduction to colour GREEN. Children came in green coloured clothes and brought with them a green colour snack like a green fruit/vegetable, hara bara kabab and many other interesting food items in their tiffin box.
Last but not the least was the introduction of colour YELLOW.
Children came dressed in yellow with broad sunshine smiles wearing a SUN headband.
The 1st term ended on a colourful note as children were now able to identify the essential colours in their world.

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