As you are all aware, our school has gone digital in every aspect, be it studies, office related work, fees and now even children’s games. Besides physical activity that helps keep children fit and fine, mind games are also necessary to have an alert  and sharp mind. Today digital media is the in thing. St. Andrew’s School is fortunate to have digital man, Fr. Magi Murzello among us who is constantly upgrading the school to a higher level.

Robotics, E library  and  English Lab were some of the features introduced by Principal, Fr. Magi Murzello and E gaming is an addition to the digital methods utilised by our school to encourage children to learn and play.

The E gaming room was formally inaugurated by His Excellency, Bishop John Rodrigues on 30th November, it being the Feast day of our patron, St. Andrew.

With students being provided with the latest technology we do hope they make the most of it and emerge as all rounders.