30th November is the Feast of St. Andrew, patron of St. Andrew’s school. As educators of this great institution, our teachers  have relied heavily upon his constant protection. Hence the ex- teachers decided that they should meet on this day. Fr. Magi, the present dynamic Principal welcomed this idea and most of the ex- teachers jumped ( some well into their 90’s and some still young in their late 50’s) at the offer of meeting and greeting each other after a long, long time. Teachers from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and those as recent as 2017, met to reminisce and celebrate this day. The Andrean Fair and the Mass with a skit on the life of St. Andrew has been a regular feature but this year’s  ex- teachers meet was a new addition.

Of course calling our retired teachers as ex- teachers just doesn’t sound right, since we all know for a fact that teachers do not come with an expiry date. Teachers, however old and grey, never fail to continue to instill in us education and values of discipline even after they have retired from  work.

The day was spent talking, laughing and sharing beautiful memories of the yesteryears.  As they say, old horses never retire and so it is with our Andrean teachers. We welcomed them to school with open arms this year and will continue to do so every year, hoping that these get-togethers become bigger and better with each passing year. We love you dear teachers.