1. With deep reverence, remembering the Mahatma :

2. Performing an Aarti and bowing with great reverence:

3. Fr. Magi, the Principal and Sir Michael, Secondary Co-ordinator, garlanding the great Mahatma’s picture:

4. Felicitating the helping hands of our Society:

5. Commemorating Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary with deep respect:

6 St. Andrew’s School enthusiastically celebrating Gandhi Jayanti:

7. An inspiring performance by the students:

8. Expressing the values of Mahatma through art – Primary students engrossed in their art:

9. Tree Plantation Drive – Green India, for a better tomorrow:
Fr. Magi, leading the way:

10. Sir Michael with few Council Members:

11. Leading the way – Secondary Co-ordinator, Sir Michael accompanied by Primary Co-ordinator, Mam. Vivette and the Primary Staff:

12. All set to plant trees with great enthusiasm – Primary students accompanied by teachers and parents:

13. Making students aware about the benefits of First Aid – Mr. Bharat Joshi, an expert in First Aid.

14. Creating awareness for a better future – Placard bearers leading the rally:

15. Explaining to the students the importance of plants:

16. St. Andrew’s boys with Sir Shaji – Beach clean up:

17. Together we can – Clean India, Green India:

18. A feeling of satisfaction – Successful beach clean up:

19. Cleanliness is next to Godliness – Successful beach clean-up.
Together we can bring a change: