Apart from Education, you need good health and for that, you need to play sports.
                                                                                                                      – Kapil Dev
 In this day and age where open spaces are only a dream, our students are indeed fortunate to have the facility of open grounds to their disposal where they learn to play,fall, get up and get going, lose and win.
The Primary Section had their Annual Athletic Meet this morning, on the school grounds. The day began with the students following the instructions given to them by their teachers, as they looked around in amazement and glee at the vast array of balloons that were on display. M’am Vivette D’mello, the Primary section Co-ordinator welcomed Mr. Sylvan Desmond the Chief Guest for the day. Mr Desmond was glad to be with us. He declared the sports meet open and watched in awe as the little boys put in their efforts to be winners, be it the Novelty races or the Relay or the regular races. Every boy tried his best to win. The March Past was a sight to behold.  Parents too had a field day with the game ‘Bombing the City’  arranged for them. The winners were awarded with trophies, medals and certificates. All participants were commended because as they say, “It’s not about the win.”