Proud to be Indian!

The day began with our Chief Guest and ex coach Mr. Keith de Sales hoisting the pride of our country, our National Flag.Students prayed to the Almighty to bless and protect our country. The students reminded us about the key points of our Constitution that we must adhere to.Songs and dances telling us about how great our country is, gave us a thrill, yet speeches gave us insight into the heart wrenching truth that we somehow choose to hide: the truth of how slowly we are losing our secular fabric to the powers of evil.

Our Chief Guest Mr. Keith de Sales spoke a few but enlightening words asking us to work towards getting rid of the three enemies of our country – terrorism, communalism and corruption.

Our Principal, Fr. Magi Murzello asked students to strive to obtain the mother of all virtues namely, the virtue of being ‘Magnanimous’. Fr. Magi Murzello explained how the school works towards getting students to be ready for the future not only to ‘earn’ but also to give.

As we celebrate our country’s Republic Day with pride, let us as educators and parents create a world of unity and togetherness for our children who will soon be our future. Let the seeds of casteism and religious disharmony be weeded out.

For this, we ask the Almighty to ‘ Lead our country with His love’.

Jai Hind!