A spirit of freedom and a sense of pride was felt among the students of the Andrean Child Centre who came dressed in traditional outfits as they celebrated the 72nd year of Independence.  Our guests were M’am Vivette D’Mello, Head Teacher of the Primary Section and Sir Michael Lopes, Supervisor of the Secondary Section. The programme commenced by saluting our National Flag, singing of the National Anthem and reciting the Pledge,  Three children of the Sr. K.G.said a few sentences on Independence Day.  This was followed by a dance by the Sr. K.G to the tune of ‘Vande Mataram’ who dressed as people from the different States of India.  Children of the Nursery, Jr. K.G and Sr. K.G enlightened us on some of the National Symbols of India.  Last, but not the least all children joined in unison as they sang some patriotic songs. This short programme made children aware about their dear country India.  They were delighted on receiving 2 chocolates each as they went back home with sweet memories of the morning.