Knock ! Knock !
Another adventure was awaiting for the Andrean students as the year 2020 began.

The Edelweiss group of companies hosted their second edition i.e. ‘LEAD 2020′ on Wednesday 29th January 2020, at Fountainhead, Edelweiss groups’ ambient learning centre at Alibaug. This opportunity to LEAD i.e. Learn, Explore, Adapt and Develop was given to 30 schools of Mumbai. It comprised of leadership skills and sharing of ideas and knowledge about the ‘Start Up’ mode of doing business.

Fr. Principal, not wanting to miss the opportunity that came knocking at our doors, chose three of our SuperHeroes to participate in this event. Although the journey took a good two hours, it was a thrilling experience, as one leg of it was by boat. After a group photograph, a healthy breakfast awaited all.

There were three well known personalities who gave us their take on different topics.

Ketan Gawand, well known for his strategies on mastering and living life fully; spoke on self-introspection. In the words of Socrates – an unexamined life is not worth living.

Ketan’s before going to bed introspection:

1. ‘What was the one thing which gave me maximum satisfaction and learning?’
2. ‘What was the one thing that happened which I would not want it happening again?’ gave each present, food for thought.

Likewise, Megha Bhargava, a dentist by profession and had worked in civil service; later appeared for the UPSC exams and is now a Deputy Commissioner Income Tax, spoke about her life and experiences she had had with regards to her job and further studies. Her mantra ‘work hard’ for problems will always be there and one needs to work hard to overcome them and to face the challenges with the right attitude; was truly inspirational.

The last but not the least was Anirudh Kumar, an Early Stage Investor and partner at Rainforest Venture Network. His topic being about Start-ups, got everyone thoroughly interested in the discussion. The fact that age is not a barrier for a Start Up and ‘entrepreneurship can change the life of people’, filled the students with exuberance, and left them wanting for more.

Lunch was an array of dishes perfectly suitable for the palates of the children. One could not but enjoy the spread.

The afternoon was exciting as the questionnaire session got underway and spot prizes were given for the correct answers. Most of the winners were from the Bandra schools. Ganeev made St. Andrew’s proud by winning a prize.

This was followed by a craft activity. Two teams of different schools had to collaborate and make pen/pencil holders with a given specific time and equipment. There was a flurry of activity as the competitors tried their best to outdo the others. Unfortunately, due to the choppy seas and the likelihood of the boat service shutting down, the organisers had to close shop and rush to exit out of Alibaug as soon as possible.

It was truly an enriching, inspirational and a motivating day for one and all.

Our sincere gratitude to the LEAD team: Sir Raujesh, M’am Sheila, Sir Gérard, Sir Clint, Sir Oscar and Sir Bijoy. Edelweiss, through this event has ignited the spark in each of the young minds who participated in this event.

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