“Give me some sunshine…” was the tragic song of the unappreciated student who committed suicide in the movie, 3 Idiots. William James, American philosopher & psychologist, says,  The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” We cannot forget the words of Mother Teresa, “There is more hunger for love and appreciation in the world than for bread. It is regrettable that a big C has brought darkness into the world of education. CRITICISM has turned our schools into prisons. Every stakeholder in the world of education has been struck by this malaise. The plague of Criticism can be eradicated by a joyous epidemic of APPRECIATION & ENCOURAGEMENT. Anatole France reminds us that, “Nine tenths of education is encouragement.”
 Mission Sunshine wants to transform this darkness to light and make the school as Oscar Wilde dreamt it to be. Schools should be the most beautiful place in every town and village so beautiful that the punishment for truant children should be that they be barred from going to school the following day.


Mission Sunshine was inaugurated by Honourable Member of Parliament, Smt. Priya Dutt on 31st July 2010. Also present was our sunshine partner, Fr. Rui Comello (Director of Our Lady’s Home, an orphanage for boys) Mission Sunshine seeks to instil the attitude of appreciation to the stakeholders of the school. For example, a baby is born ungrateful. You might carry a bawling baby for hours to comfort it but don’t expect the baby to appreciate the trouble you have taken. A child has to be taught to be grateful, sometimes even forced. It just does not come naturally. Thus, appreciation has to be inculcated as one of the life skills. When an individual begins to appreciate then we call him or her educated.

Mission Sunshine strives to remind constantly that everyone is hungry for praise and starving for honest appreciation. Everyone wants a day in the sun- to get attention and be appreciated. This Copernican shift in our attitude will begin a joyous revolution because appreciation spins the world of education around in joy  Mission Sunshine seeks to make a difference….. make appreciation dil se!
Through this project, the school management with the financial backing of X-Andrean Association has revamped the Andrean Child Centre. Classrooms have come alive with child friendly environment. The toilet block too has been redesigned on the lines of Mission Sunshine.
 St. Andrews High School has witnessed great changes: Security, Solarium, Games Room, Gratitude Chapel, CCTV, Language Lab, Staff rooms, new toilet blocks, grotto, sunshine lobby, Xseed Programme, solar panels and much more. The students were gifted with sunshine T-shirts, ties and handkerchiefs. There is more to achieve….. upgrade the school library, repair the roof, turf the hockey ground & many more projects. We need your financial support. Your contribution whether large or small to your Alma Mater is most welcome. God bless!

SaundersDr. Robert J Saunders & Dr. Sunita Gandhi, Co-founders, Council for Global Education, USA presenting Fr. Magi A. Murzello the ‘Educator Innovator 2011’ award & cash prize at the 5th International Roundtable Conference. The theme was: Metamorphosis in Education.




Priya dutt


MISSION SUNSHINE was inaugurated by Honourable Member of Parliament, Smt. Priya Dutt on 31st July 2010. Also seen is our sunshine partner Fr. Rui Comello, Director of Our Lady’s Home and Fr.Michael Goveas, School Manager.

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