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Welcome to the Official Website for St. Andrews High School. “UBI CRUX IBI LUX” is the motto of St Andrews High school which means “where there is a cross, there is light”. The cross that the students carry is heavy but with the warm light of appreciation, the burden can be joyously carried.

Mission Sunshine opens the black stone building of St. Andrew’s School to appreciation because where there is appreciation there is sunshine Mission sunshine logo, designed by Mr. Francis H D’Sa , is in chalk because appreciation has to be learnt & imbibed by everyone @ sign is adopted as the symbol of appreciation. It is artistically designed to shine like the sun.

Every time, a participant comes across @, he/she is reminded of Mission Sunshine’s objectives. The red smile in the word ‘Sunshine’ is the smile that appreciation generates. We have also drawn inspiration from a line in the film, P.S. I love you, “Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” Wow! Wonderment is the willingness to be surprised by life. It is from wonderment that appreciation springs. Mission Sunshine exhorts: the ‘WOW’ MAGIC…spread it!

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Our school is proud to be the first in the suburbs of Mumbai to have an astro-turf ground for both hockey and football. Students can use the facilities for developing their sporting skills.


Our library’s objective is to inculcate the habit of reading; children are introduced to the library and books right from the Kindergarten level. They realize the joys of reading as well as the importance of books, in their formative years itself.

This chapel is located on the 1st floor of the main school building. It provides a place for quiet meditation and calm.

To further opportunities for our boys to enhance their English language skills through audio visual means, the language lab was founded.

The students have access to various modules that are pre-loaded for them. Classes are open to students once a week.

With donations from our Alumni, we were able to start a Robotics Labs to ignite the imagination of our students in this new field. The students are provided with kits which they can use to create their robots. These robots are then programmable using software. Students have access to the lab once a week.

The purpose of the Solarium is to be the nerve center for spreading sunshine. We have a dedicated coun”solar” Aditi Nadkarni who works with the students through the course of the year to ensure that they are on track to achieve their goals. Fr. Joseph Pimenta too spends time as a coun”solar” and mentor of the program.

At St. Andrews the emphasis is on quality education and this tradition is reflected very clearly in our Computer Department also. We have made it a point to keep our children abreast with the fast paced changes in the computer world, rather than making them follow the stereo-type computer syllabus We want to nurture creative and thinking minds that are forever exploring new realms in the computer arena.


Realising that each child is blessed with a unique set of talents, the Expressive Art room is meant to ignite the creative imagination of our boys.

The game room is most often utilized during the rainy season, when playing outdoors is not possible. Nothing like a game of foozball, carom or table tennis to blow off some steam.

We have 2 Science Labs. A student’s inquisitive mind is not satiated easily. Doing things practically is one way of satisfying his curiosity. Our laboratories are just right for children starting out to find common ground between theory learnt in class and its practical application. Our Science Labs are spacious, airy and well-equipped.

Famous Alumni’s

Rakesh Maria
Amjad Khan
Yasin Merchant
Lt. Col. Nestor D’Mello
Russell Parera
Dr. Mukul Dabholkar

Mark Dharmai an X-Andrean congratulation to him for making St.Andrews High School proud by winning International medal in Ireland for Badminton

St Andrews School in Midday News

U-18 Indian team – X-Andrean-Samson-Sandhu-FIBA

Dr. Robert J Saunders & Dr. Sunita Gandhi, Co-founders, Council for Global Education, USA presenting Fr. Magi A. Murzello the ‘Educator Innovator 2011’ award & cash prize at the 5th International Roundtable Conference

MISSION SUNSHINE was inaugurated by Honourable Member of Parliament, Smt. Priya Dutt on 31st July 2010

Andrean News


The idiom "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" holds true for our young learners. Sports whether team based or individual are great for children as it goes beyond ABCs and 123s providing not just physical activity but helping children build their...


Children are aware of the different rooms in their homes. To make the topic 'My School' even more interesting, the children of the Andrean Child Centre were taken around the school campus for a short field trip. They visited the Principal's office and were surprised...

Marathi Elocution Competition

Congratulations to all the children who took part in the Marathi Elocution. Special thanks to our Judges, Ms. Irene Gonsalves and Sir. Giri Ramchandra Subhanbuva. Our Prize winners for this...

A Pilgrimage to the Mount with a difference

The students of Std. 9th and 10th went for the Marian Pilgrimage organised by ABE to Mount Mary Basilica on the morning of 13th September. At the Mount, they joined the Eucharistic celebration along with 900 students and teachers from different schools. After...

Teacher’s Day Celebration

This year 'Teachers' Day' was celebrated on 6th September as the school had Ganpati holidays. The council members organised a short programme which was heart-warming and brought a smile on the faces of the teaching staff. Saturday, 7th September was a fun filled day...


On 14th September, Primary section celebrated Hindi-Divas by organising a Hindi Elocution Competition. The winners of the Hindi – Divas competition are: 1st Prize : Arindham Choudhary 2nd Prize : Abaan Ghavte 3rd Prize : Siddhant Bhowate The Judges for this...


We are glad to announce donations received towards scholarship: From Mr. V.S. Noronha, Scholarship of Rs. 5,00,000/- in the name of his parents “Tony and Bella Noronha”, towards catholic students of Std. 9. God Bless you for your Generosity.


Eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell, skin to feel and tongue to taste.... these five senses are used everyday. They work together to let our brain know what is going on around us and help us keep safe by warning us of any danger. The children of the Andrean Child...


29TH August being the Birthday of Hockey Legend Dhyan Chand, it is celebrated all over India as National Sports Day. In memory of this great sportsman who won 3 Olympic golds, our school organized a fun hockey drills for students of Std 6 and 7. This gave an...


Go Go Go Govinda was the song that was sung by the Andrean Child Centre, cheering Lord Krishna to break the Dahi Handi. Janmashtami is the birthday of Lord Krishna and is celebrated with enormous zeal and enthusiasm all over India. This festival brings much joy and a...

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