A Nutrition and Fitness program was conducted for the students who were a part of the St Andrews by Freedom Wellness at the St. Andrews football turf.
Ms Naaznin Husein the controlling dietician at the venue had conducted a session on nutrition with these students along with their parents and explained the role and importance of nutrition & fitness for these children.
15 assistant nutritionists accompanying Ms Naaznin, conducted the tests of all these students. The tests included in this program were as follows:
• Broad Jump test : Estimates the explosive leg power of the athlete

• 20m shuttle run test : Estimates the athletes aerobic capacity

• Agility Cone Drill test: Measures the agility of the athlete especially in body control and change of direction.

• Back saver sit and reach test: Measures the flexibility of each leg separately.

• Curl up test : Measures the abdominal strength and core stability

• All students were individually consulted and asked for their daily food recalls and along with the results from the fitness tests conducted, diet plans were prescribed accordingly to
improve the overall well being of the children

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