The morning of Friday 19th July, was a time of great joy for the Andrean family, especially the ‘I CAN’ teams as Fr. Magi announced that St. Andrew’s High School would be representing Mumbai along with three other schools for the ‘I CAN’ Global Summit in Rome.

When the ‘I CAN’ challenge was first explained by Fr. Magi, the students were greatly enthusiastic and came up with different ideas, which would help in saving the environment. Many of the ideas failed to take off for various reasons. The students were dejected as the day for submission was drawing near. It was Fr. Magi, who kept encouraging the boys to carry on and assured them of his support. Kevin D’costa with ‘The Saviour of Water Bodies’ a ‘water purifier gizmo’, set the wheels rolling, and soon Vivek Jadhav came up with the ‘Fish-o-Ponics’ project. Two teams were made under the guidance of M’am Jacinta. The students put in a lot of time and effort to complete their projects.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. Well, this stands true for the Andrean Super Heroes. Their hard work has borne fruit.
The Andrew’s, ‘I CAN’ team is grateful to their Principal, for the opportunity given to them, the confidence placed in them and for the motivation they received along the way.
The projects can be viewed at,

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