Dear Well Wishers,

I took over as Parish Priest of St. Andrews Church and Manager of the school and had heard about a lot about St. Andrew’s High School and its Mission Sunshine. As I walked in to the school for teachers day, I saw this statement which said “Education is 9/10th’s encouragement and 1/10th teaching”. As administrators, teachers and staff, our endeavour is to always encourage our students to give their best.

What we remember from our schools days is the encouragement that we received from our teachers and I personally remember a Maths teacher who helped me kindle an interest in the subject. The yellow colour in the uniforms, the smile of the students and the tangible presence of Mission Sunshine in everything the school does is extremely commendable and I would like to thank Fr. Magi and the staff for doing an exceptional job.

The school has a long history with famous alumni, but it is also keeping pace with the times by having a presence on the internet and the mobile and creating new learning opportunities.

We look forward to your support in this journey of excellence.

Best regards
Fr. Caesar De Mello