Dear Friends,

We at St. Andrews are fortunate to have St. Andrew, an apostle of Our Lord as our patron and guide.

He was a simple fisherman but one of the important foundations of our Church. Let us make him a foundation of our lives on whom we can build and educate our lives.

Mission Sunshine is our wonderful theme to build our life on and educate ourselves.

Develop passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo.

Throughout our lives we need to learn and educate ourselves. Every moment of our life, we are unaware that we are learning and experiencing something new. Watching TV, listening to news or watching movies keep us alert and alive to new openings. We are bombarded on all sides through the media with new ideas, feelings and awareness and growth. Our life is a process of learning.

Let us open our eyes and ears to new ideas and be creative and innovative in what we do.

We are constantly learning, growing and living for a better tomorrow.

All the best !

Fr. Clarence Fonseca.

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