From the Principal’s Desk

Fr. Magi - Principal

Recently, a senior teacher suggested that we stop rewarding students with book vouchers since the students were not redeeming them at the local bookstores. They simply did not bother. Today, recreational reading is a lost cause. Gone are the days, when youngsters would greet each other, “Hi! What are you reading?”

As a young lad, I was a voracious reader. Unfortunately, books then were very expensive and school libraries were cold morgues. The librarian was usually a bored person who hated kids. Nevertheless, we kids had our own micro-circulating libraries. Our personal treasure troves had story books and comics that we got as birthday gifts or rewards on prize distribution day. The exchange system for our personal treasures would easily put the national stock exchange to shame. If you wanted to read an Asterix comic, you needed to trade 15 comics of Phantom or Mandrake. Enid Blyton’s “Famous Five’ books were exchanged for 5 Chandamamas /8 Tinkle comics/ 6 Amar Chitra Katha comics. Each book had its own exchange rate. Recreational reading was possible because we were not running from one place to another for different practices or subject tuitions. We were not glued to screens.

Recreational reading also called leisure reading or pleasure reading differs from academic reading or functional reading. Recreational reading empowers the reader and is a stepping stone to reading fluency. Reading enjoyment relaxes the reader and reduces stress. The myriad benefits of recreational reading are lost to meaningless pursuits in free time. Hence, I suggest, set aside at least 20 minutes every day to read a book of your choice. Let this slot be the same every day. Students can even come to the school library during office hours & pick up books of their choice. The cyber library facility too can be utilized.

Grab a book! Enjoy Reading!


Fr. Magi Murzello
M.Sc. M.Ed, MBA,
P.G.D.E.M., M.A. (Edu),M.A.(Eng),
M.Phil (Env.Sc.),M.Phil(Eng)