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Fr. Magi - Principal

Can there be education without passion?

The passion of the educators of our ‘miniscule’ community has put us in the forefront of education. Despite being a ‘miniscule’ minority, our contribution to education and nation-building cannot be ignored. One must remember Georg Wilhelm Hegel’s words: “Nothing great in the world has ever been accom­plished without passion.”

Passion and commitment are inseparable. In fact, commitment energizes pas­sion. Power-packed with commitment, our passionate educators have never thrown in the towel in the face of insurmountable obstacles but have persisted with determination. Their selflessness and resilience have prevailed in the face of every challenge that has come their way. As a result, our education eco-systems have survived numerous hijack attempts by vested interests.

“Man is only great when he acts from passion.” — Benjamin Disraeli. Due to the zealous efforts of our passionate educators, our community has reached out to the lost, the last and the least. Hats off to them!

Passion in education is contagious. We have often witnessed the magic brought into the classroom by passion­ate educators. Their electrifying persona galvanizes their students to excellence and a bold future. If you are a passionate educator, there is a strong likelihood that you were impacted by an educator infected with joyous passion.

This passion in education also leads to innovation. Nothing can stop passionate educators from cutting a path through the dense jungles of ignorance. They focus all their energies on solutions. No problem is too big for them. By constantly challenging themselves and celebrating failures, they creatively triumph over problems.

Passionate educators are risk-takers and embrace change. They take on a courageous “what-next” approach. It is their love for education that keeps their passion alive. During my B.Ed training, a Jesuit professor told us that if we had no love for education, we should leave the course. He strongly recommended choosing another career rather than giving the field of education a bad name. It is only when you love what you do that you find your true calling. An educator without passion is like a doctor without ethics. Passion in education is crucial.

Congratulations to all who have passionately collaborated to make Andrew’s proud.


Fr. Magi Murzello
M.Sc. M.Ed,
P.G.D.E.M., M.A. (Edu),M.A.(Eng),
M.Phil (Env.Sc.),M.Phil(Eng)

Rector – St. Andrew’s College

Member of Senate – Mumbai University




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